The Malta Blockchain Hackathon set to take place at the Malta Blockchain Summit between the 31st of October and the 2nd of November, is a unique opportunity for blockchain developers or students who are looking to get ahead. Apart from the 50,000 USD prize awarded to the winning team of the coding competition, Hackathon teams will be provided with invaluable networking opportunities among the C-level delegates attending the conference.

With high-profile characters like the co-inventor of blockchain technology, W. Scott Stornetta, PhD, present at the summit, this Hackathon provides a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with the blockchain elite.

Participants can apply either as individuals or as teams. In the case of individual applications, the candidates will be grouped together with other individual applicants or with incomplete teams. Each team requires between 4-6 people and a team leader. Diverse capabilities are recommended, including Smart Contract Development, Web UX / UI Designer, Server & Client side Web Development, and Project Management.

The 20 participating teams will be mentored by senior experts from within the blockchain community and the digital economy at large, including Mikhail Savchenko at Chronobank, Mihai Cimpoesu at Mattereum, Gege Gatt at Ebo, Dean Demellweek, and Joshua Ellul from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Malta.

To win the 50,000 USD prize, the teams must develop a dApp, or other smart contract implementation on the chosen platform that satisfies the panel of judges. Both decentralized and distributed solutions will be considered.

The Hackathon powered by CryptoFriends is also organised in association with Blockchain Research Group, Major League Hacking. Located in the rising epicentre of the blockchain space, with one of the original co-inventors of the technology present, it is a once in-a-lifetime chance for every blockchain genius to make it big.

Any blockchain developer who is simply interested in attending the Malta Blockchain Summit, can also apply for a free pass only granted for blockchain developers and crypto affiliates.

Find all info regarding the Hackathon here:


Every team needs to comprise of 4-8 people led by a team leader. It is also necessary to have an original idea. We will only select the best teams for participation.


The minimum requirements for a team are the following:

Two developers (ideally one smart contract developer) UX / UI designer Business / enterprise / software architect Assigned project leader (can be any one of the above) Lots of positive energy and creativity!

Hackathon Sponsors


$50,000 in prizes

50,000 EUR worth of crypto

Best use of Algolia

Casio CA-506C-5A Calculator Watch for each team member

Best Domain Name from

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit for each team member

Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device

410C Dragonboard for each team member

[Weekly Challenge] Best Chat Bot using Botkit & Cisco Webex Teams

Power banks for each team member

Best use of

Hacker gear and swag from

[Weekly Challenge] Best use of Clarifai’s API

Hacker gear from Clarifai for each team member

[Weekly Challenge] Snap Kit Weekly Challenge

Spectacles by Snapchat for each team member

Hackathon Sponsorship courtesy of Snips

- Token flyerdrops to the developers at the Malta Blockchain Hackathon
- 5 maker kit give away for Malta Blockchain Hackathon participants.

Best DAO.Casino Game

Use DAO.Casino SDK to create a new game based on our protocol!
For the SDK and documentation navigate to
The nomination is open for p2p (single step) games of change (based on random choice) with simple binary logic; to compute the result, a random number generation algorithm is used. For instance: Dice, Slots, Roulette, Baccarat, Shell game, Guess the number, etc. Surprise us by a new interpretation of this old concept!

Best DAO.Casino Integration

Have ready-made state-of-art games? Integrate DAO.Casino into your project. For instance, add functionality based on elements of our protocol (Signidice, GameChannels) to an existing game.
Use our toolkit to integrate mini-games, lotteries, lootboxes, etc.
For the SDK and documentation navigate to

Best Solution for DAO.Casino Protocol

Have improvements for our product and implementation in mind? You are welcome to share your own algorithms and schemes for game development workflow and for random number generation game, as well as off-chain solutions and other ideas!
Assessment criteria: value for DAO.Casino protocol in general or for a specific implementation.
For the SDK and documentation navigate to

Best Smart Contract

Solidity guru is your second name? Then write the best game contract, implement complex logic or extend functionality of original contracts!
solutions submitted within this nomination must be compilable with and deployable in the Ropsten network
For the SDK and documentation navigate to

Best visualization

Imagination and vibrant graphics are your forte? Create and implement a game visual theme! Let a unicorn turn the Wheel of Fortune and hamsters throw dices!
games submitted within this nomination must use the DAO.Casino protocol or be compatible with it.
For the SDK and documentation navigate to

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Participants can enroll as a team or as individuals; all participating members will be put in teams, so that those applying as individuals will be grouped together or assigned to existing teams. Make sure to apply by the 15th of September 2018, to avoid disappointment. Applicants will be contacted regarding admission results within one month from the application.




Judging Criteria

  • Blockchain Applications
    Decentralized, as well as distributed solutions, will be considered. The winning team will be decided by a panel of judges based on the originality, feasibility, interoperability and benefits of their initiative.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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